Best Italian Poker Rooms

Italy was the first European Union country to legalize online gambling only for companies operating inside its borders. So, even though Italian poker players have the opportunity to legally play online poker, they are left with fewer choices than the rest of the world, and must therefore make better choices when choosing an Italian poker site to join. France has recently followed Italy’s lead and passed similar legislation.

Playing Online Poker In Italy

Italians can freely play poker at one of the countries’ regulated poker sites. For the last few years, the Italian government had sought to limit their residents’ access to online gambling, bringing them into conflict with the European Union, who saw some of their tactics as being too restrictive.

Recently though, a solution has been reached, where online poker rooms are now licensed to offer poker as well as other forms of online gambling to Italians, in return for the sites paying licensing fees and taxes to the Italian government.

This has resulted in a significant increase in the amount of Italians now playing online poker, as many people resisted playing due to not wanting to run afoul of Italian law. So now anyone in Italy can play online poker without any fear of the site being shut down or any other possible negative repercussions.

Can Non Italians Play On Italian Sites?

Officially licensed online poker sites in Italy are restricted to Italian residents only. However, if you’re not from Italy, there’s really no reason to play at an Italian online poker site.

Most Italian poker sites are part of much larger poker sites where people from other countries are free to play at. The best example of this is is the Italian arm of, the world’s largest online poker network.

So there are already plenty of great options for non Italian residents, so there’s no need to be concerned at all about non Italians not being permitted to play at Italian poker sites. In addition, since Italian poker sites are taxed by the Italian government, it really doesn’t make sense for non Italians to play at an Italian poker room.

As the sites have to pay tax to the Italian government, Italians pay an additional price to play at these sites, which results in higher rake and fees. This is the price that Italians pay to play perfectly legal online poker. These higher costs are extremely significant, with rake as high as 6% of the pot. However, this doesn’t deter Italians from playing, but for non Italians, it really doesn’t make sense to pay a much higher rake at a poker site when you are free to play at larger, multi-national poker sites without the need to pay this extra rake.

Poker Regulation In Italy

A lot of people favor poker regulation, as it really opens up poker markets and allows online poker players and other online gamblers the opportunity to play online and be assured that they are fully in compliance with all laws and regulations in their country. This is seen as a big benefit by many, and also allows online poker to be more freely promoted.

This increased level of promotion serves to bring a lot of new players into the fold, and greatly increases the level of awareness of the availability of online poker in the country. In poker players’ terms, a lot of new fish are brought into the mix by regulation, which adds to the profitability of the games and offsets some of the increased costs, such as higher rake and reduced levels of player rewards.

Some players wonder if this regulation in Italy prevents online poker players there from accessing poker sites outside of Italy. While the Italian government seeks to prevent this access, as is the case elsewhere, these attempts aren’t all that successful, and they do not stop those who are willing to work around the restrictions.

However, most players want to play by the rules, and as time goes on, more and more poker rooms are applying for and receiving licenses to operate in the Italian market, which has caused significant growth in the regulated market there. This growth is expected to continue as the regulated poker market in Italy becomes more and more accepted and captures a bigger and bigger share of the overall Italian poker playing market.

Poker And Gambling Tax In Italy

The Italian government taxes online poker rooms who operate within their regulations, which is currently set at 20%. As might be expected, at least some of this is passed on to players, although not all of it, as Italian poker rooms have become accustomed to operating with smaller profit margins.

As more and more Italian poker rooms are brought into the fold, this will increase competition, and end up benefiting players by pitting more online poker rooms against each other, resulting in more favorable conditions to those who play at these poker sites.

The Italians have managed to avoid the mistake that the French government has made, as the French set the tax rate considerably higher, and this has caused the regulated online poker market to struggle there, with poker sites losing money and some players becoming upset at the much higher costs. This has caused a much higher percentage of French online poker players to leave the regulated sites in favor of playing at the illegal ones.

Italy hasn’t been too greedy here, and seem to have a better understanding of the market dynamics, where most players are willing to pay a little more in rake to play online poker legally, but if the cost becomes too high, playing illegally becomes more of an option.

Italian players have been much more content to play at the legal Italian poker sites, and in fact the market is growing, not contracting like it is in France. The expectation is that the French will eventually be forced to adjust their model towards one more sustainable, like the one in Italy.

Italian online poker players are expected to declare their poker winnings as taxable income, although this has always been the case. At present, the Italian government does not seem to be spending much effort on going after smaller players, although they have really focused on auditing professional players who reside in Italy. So if you live in Italy, whether you pay tax on your poker earnings is up to you, although if you are looking to comply fully with the law, this would be a good idea.

Online Casinos In Italy

Like online poker, Italians can choose between licensed operations in Italy, or go outside the system and play at unlicensed ones hosted in other countries. The increased costs of doing business at licensed Italian online casinos is less of an issue than poker, as casino games are more a matter of entertainment, as opposed to poker, where many players derive a consistent profit and may object at least a little to seeing those profits reduced by the operators having to pay taxes.

So in other words, casinos offer the promise and the excitement of the big score, and that really doesn’t change much by having the online casinos pay out a little smaller amount of their overall take. So the impact on the Italian online casino market from the regulated taxation has been pretty minimal, and has been more than offset by the increased accessibility that regulation has brought.

Online Sportsbooks In Italy

Sports betting is a little different breed. There are two main types of sports bettors, the casual bettor and the more serious one. More serious bettors pay very close attention to the odds out there, and need and want to be taking advantage of the best odds they can get.

So these types of players are less likely to comply with regulation, as their much larger bets than normal often makes it well worth their while to cast aside any concerns of legality and simply go with the best deals they can find.

Casual sports bettors don’t tend to care about very small fluctuations in the odds at all, don’t really shop around much or have accounts at several sports betting sites, and are more than content to go with a legal, regulated sports betting site where they can bet on games, and fully enjoy the experience without any worry.

So while there was initially a great deal of resistance to regulation by the sports betting industry in general, this has changed recently, as they become aware of the untapped market, especially among smaller bettors, that regulation gives them access to. More and more sports betting sites are coming into the fold now in Italy, and sports bettors there who wish to bet at licensed sites now have no trouble finding good ones.

Online Bingo In Italy

Bingo is the form of gambling that is least effected by the taxation of regulation, and in fact, probably isn’t affected at all. As mentioned, the bigger the player, the more likely that he or she will be concerned by a little higher cost of doing business, and here simply isn’t many large bingo players in terms of the amounts wagered.

For instance, the players in France who are up in arms about the very high tax there on online poker tend to be the ones who derive their living from the game and object to their income being reduced. Run of the mill players there barely notice the difference, if at all, and happily continue playing.

So with bingo, it’s the latter type that we mostly see, as you don’t see people making a living from bingo, and the very idea of that is almost laughable. Bingo of course is a very casual game, although one that is very widely enjoyed around the world, including in Italy.

So as in the case with other forms of online gambling, the Italian regulated market also features online bingo sites, and players from Italy can easily sign up and enjoy as much bingo as they wish, and there’s really no reason at all for anyone to even contemplate playing at any of the illegal bingo sites in other countries.

Microgaming In Italy

Among the major players in the Italian market are sites on the Microgaming network, which feature a full assortment of online gambling, including poker, sports betting, casino, and bingo. The Microgaming network is one of the largest in the world, and have a significant presence in the poker world as well as having some of the world’s largest sports betting and casino operations among its members.

Players at sites on the Microgaming Network benefit from their years of expertise in offering the very best online gambling that the internet has to offer. They consistently are very highly rated among both poker players and other gamblers alike. While there are a lot of fairly new Italian online gambling sites, for a lot of players, factors like trust and proven reliability are important factors, and given that, you can’t really go wrong with going with such esteemed gambling sites as those found at Microgaming.

Let Us Help You Navigate The World Of Italian Online Gambling

Figuring out where the best places to play at can be a daunting enough experience at the best of times, when you choose to go it alone. This involves quite a bit of trial and error, and at best, you wish that you could have been spared all of the mistakes that you ended up making by instead getting some expert advice right from the outset.

When it comes to the Italian market, things become even more complicated, with the market being regulated and with nowhere near as much good information out there on it, especially when it comes to the best Italian sites out there.

Hindsight is said to be 20/20, but instead of going it alone and then wishing you had it, it is far better to use this 20/20 vision from others who have been there before, and use it from the beginning. So we’re pleased to offer you the benefit of our experience, resulting in our recommendation of the finest Italian online gambling sites at the present time.

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