Online Poker In The UK

The United Kingdom has always been one of the biggest hot-spots for poker outside the United States, and with their current legislation which has legalized and regulated online poker within the country they seem to becoming THE poker hotspot for Internet poker! The UK also is home to many high stakes poker players including Sam Trickett, Stephen Chidwick, Niall Farrell and Chris Moorman.

One of the biggest winners in the poker world 2103, Sam Trickett is a UK born poker player.

One of the biggest winners in the poker world in 2018, Sam Trickett is a UK-born poker player.

With so many poker rooms for UK players to choose from it can be really confusing for UK players to pick the best poker site for them. So, we’ve decided to put together a short-list of the five best UK poker sites for UK players, taking into account a number of different criteria like reputation, player traffic, deposit and cash-out options, softness of games, along with dozens of other factors, so you the player don’t have to worry about where you’re depositing at a poker room.

Online Poker Legality and Restrictions for UK Poker Players

The UK is one of the few locales around the world where their laws are very clear regarding online poker. Online poker is completely legal in the UK, and is a licensed and regulated industry thus UK poker sites are completely safe and reliable to play at. This legislation gives online poker players residing in the United Kingdom perhaps the most options when choosing from the large number of UK poker rooms.

Additionally, UK residents do not have to pay any taxes on gambling winnings –which online poker falls into—so in addition to having a completely legal online poker market, poker players in the UK get to play tax-free at every one of the UK poker rooms!

Why Play At A UK Poker Site?

With the popularity of poker in general skyrocketing over the last few years, online poker has risen to become one of the world’s most popular games. Not so long ago, it used to be that if you wanted to gamble with real money at poker you either had to have some friends who were willing to gamble with you, or travel to a poker room or casino to play.

If you were even lucky enough to be able to play at all under these conditions, both of them offered very limited opportunities as far as who you could play against, how much action was available at any given time, when you could play, and so on.

So what if the entire world opened up for you where you could play against players not only from across the UK, but from across the world, any time you wanted, and for whatever stakes you wanted to play for?

Online poker is like going from the days even before the telephone, where you could only talk to people within shouting distance, to being able to communicate with people all over the world in a fraction of a second. The internet has definitely served to bring people together, and that’s definitely the case with those who wish to play poker together.

Once you’ve made the decision to experience the fun and excitement of real money online poker, you’ll need to find a poker site or sites to play at. There are a number of poker sites that are UK friendly, and if you are from the UK, you will want to stick to those.

For the most part, poker players from the UK are free to play at pretty much all the poker sites out there. However these sites differ in quality, and you definitely don’t want to just go off on your own as far as discovering which ones are good and which ones you don’t want to bother with.

This not only wastes a great deal of time, it also will cost you a lot of money. This is something you obviously want to avoid regardless of your circumstances, but it’s especially critical if you are newer to the game and don’t have a lot of money to waste on your mistakes. However, we are here to let you in on what you need to know in order to put yourself in the best position to succeed that you can, including letting you in on the best UK Poker sites out there.

Choosing A UK Poker Site

Uk Poker

The first consideration that goes into choosing the best UK poker sites is how friendly the poker site is to UK players. Some poker sites mostly target other countries and while they may accept UK players, some of the conditions there may not be ideal for us.

For instance, their deposit and withdraw methods may not be the best that we can get as far as what we can and want to use from the UK. There are several other factors that must be taken into account and we’ve started by only considering those sites which truly are friendly to us as UK poker players.

The most important of these other considerations is how soft the competition is at a particular UK poker site, as this effects the bottom line of all players. In the long run, where the good and bad luck even out, poker is all about skill. So it’s a matter of the difference in skill between you and the players that you play against. The lower the skill level of your competitors, the better you will do, regardless of your own skill level.

So we’ve taken this and all other important factors into account in recommending to you the best UK poker sites out there, so you can spare yourself a lot of potential grief and needless losses by allowing us to provide you with our expertise here free of charge or other obligation.

Why Is 888 The Best Poker Site In The UK?

888 Poker ( has always been my favorite place to play online poker, and there are a lot of good reasons behind this. The first one is one near and dear to my heart, which is that I’ve simply made more money over the years playing poker there than other poker sites.

The main reason for this is that 888 Poker doesn’t really market to poker players, and in fact they really haven’t needed to do much external marketing at all, due to their being able to draw on their casino, which has been the world’s largest for many years.

So who would you rather play against, poker players, many of which are good at it and familiar with sound poker strategy, or casino gamblers who don’t know a whole lot about poker, and are just looking for some exciting action as a diversion from the casino?

There’s no comparison in fact between real poker players and fish from the casino. You are always going to make a lot more money at the tables from fish, and even if you are new and don’t know what you are doing yet, instead of being clobbered by sharp poker players at some poker sites, you’ll at least have a fighting chance against the casino players while you look to get better and start beating them.

The time that you will need to spend to become profitable is also much less here. At some tougher sites, you will have to spend a long time not only playing, but studying the game away from the table, watching hundreds of hours of poker instructional videos, and so on before you become a good player.

At the fishier sites, you only need a much more modest understanding of the game of poker to be a consistent winner. How good you eventually become is all up to you, depending on how smart you are and how much time you are willing to spend learning and improving, but it’s just plain no fun to lose, so you want to keep that to an absolute minimum. Playing at 888 Poker will have you pocketing other people’s cash rather than donating to their bankroll much quicker.

In addition, 888 Poker is simply an excellent all around site, and in fact has undergone some significant improvements lately. Their software has gone from one of the less spectacular out there to perhaps the best. Their player reward offers has gone from one of the least lucrative to one of the most. Have a look at their UK landing page and the numerous awards they have won just this year.

888 UK Page

They also offer new players a free £5 to start out with, even without making a deposit, and once you do make your first deposit they will roll out a lot more bonus money for you. This is a first class poker sites all the way and I’ve heard nothing but good things back from players I’ve recommended them to.

Paying Tax On Gambling And Poker Winnings In The UK

One of the best things about being a UK poker player is that we don’t have to declare our winnings as income. Back in 2001, the government stopped collecting taxes on gambling winnings, including poker winnings.

UK Poker Players do not have to pay any tax.

UK Poker Players do not have to pay any tax.

So if you are already profitable, or are working on becoming a winning player, or hope to be some day, it’s a huge advantage to not have to pay taxes on your winnings. This means that you keep all of it fro yourself, rather than having to give a chunk to the tax man, like everyone else does.

Maybe you can even work your way up to making a living from poker, which is really living the life no matter what country you are from. UK players enjoy the additional nicety of earning their living tax free, and not only will you have more money, you can make fun of all of your tax paying friends as well.

Are UK Poker Sites Softer Than USA Poker Sites?

On average, players from the United States these days tend to be more skilled players than players from other countries. There are several reasons for this. Perhaps the biggest one is due to the way that the government there has attacked online poker, to the extent that the average person in the U.S. believed that online poker was illegal. This was especially evident since the UIGEA was passed in 2006, resulting in most poker sites no longer allowing U.S. players to play there.

So a lot of U.S. players stopped playing, which tended to be the fish, while the sharks were more in the know and therefore weren’t really put out by any of this. So this all resulted in a much higher shark to fish ratio than you would see with players in other countries, where the fish weren’t driven out of the mix.

So the best UK poker sites don’t allow U.S. players at this time, which is definitely good for us, as this makes our sites a lot softer. The more fish, the better it is for us, and if a lot of sharks can be kept out as well, it’s all the better.

Playing Online Poker In Sterling

Sterling is the third most popular currency used in the world of online poker, next to U.S. dollars and the Euro. Some online poker sites will let you deposit in Sterling and automatically convert it to and from other currencies that you play with. Some poker sites also have tables and tournaments that run in GBP, which make things even easier for you. For a site that you actually play with GPB on the table your best bet is any of the iPoker Skins.

There will definitely be some times where you will be playing for real money in a currency other than Sterling, and newer players often become concerned about not having a good enough idea of what is at stake or how much of a bet that you are making.

Poker players very easily become accustomed to this though and before too long these conversions become second nature, and you then can take advantages of the best tables and games without having to break out your calculator to figure out what you are playing for. If needed though, there are lots of online sites which will allow you to type in an amount in a currency and get the equivalent amount in another, so there’s no need to worry about this at all. This guide has a lot more detailed information on playing in Sterling.

UK Poker Sites With A Casino

If you enjoy playing casino games as well, there are UK poker sites which offer both poker and casino action. For instance, in addition to their great poker room, also hosts the world’s favorite casino, as well as access to other forms of gambling such as betting on sporting events and online bingo. As a second choice I would be inclined to say as a great all around (and integrated) poker, casino and sportsbook portal.

Each of these particular games offer their own lucrative bonus to try them out, so in addition to your nice poker bonus that you will be receiving, you can get paid to try out other forms of betting. These other forms of betting can be a lot of fun as well, especially betting on sports, which takes the excitement of watching games to an entirely new level.

Casino games can be very exciting as well, as you never know if and when you will hit a big jackpot and rake in some huge winnings. Bingo is one of the most popular games of all time, and many people enjoy it as not only a pastime but a way to win some real money.

So it’s definitely a benefit for your UK poker room to offer these other forms of betting, and even if you only want to play poker, it’s a big benefit to have people come over from these other games to gamble it up at the poker tables as well. This is a perfect situation in fact, and one we’re certain that you will really enjoy.

So just let us guide you to the best UK poker rooms out there by clicking on our links to them at the of this page and get ready to begin your journey!