Real Money Mobile Blackjack

Blackjack is definitely one of the world’s most popular games and one that virtually everyone is familiar with. The object of the game is of course to come as close as you can to 21 without going over, or busting. Should you stand pat without busting, then the dealer has to beat your total without busting either.

It used to be that you would have to sit down at a real table with a real deck of cards, against a real dealer to play blackjack. So this meant a visit to a real casino, which is inconvenient at best and often impossible for some people.

Then, a few years ago, online casinos began springing up, allowing people to play casino games right from the comfort of their own homes, whenever they desired. People ended up desiring this a great deal, and the upstart online casino business quickly exploded into a multi billion dollar affair, rivaling the size of the old fashioned land based casinos.

So now the industry has taken this a step further with offering mobile casino gambling. Mobile Blackjack was one of the first games to be offered, and currently enjoys a huge amount of popularity.

This growth coincided with the massive popularity of so called smart phones these days, where phones have almost caught up to computers in terms of the technology behind them. Not only could these new phones do things like browse the internet, and use email and other internet based applications, hundreds of thousands of mobile based applications became written for them, allowing cell phone users the ability to do a great many things, and some that you can’t even do on your home computer.

So it was just a matter of time before playing mobile blackjack and other popular casino games right on your phone became a reality. With this new revolution in online gaming, players could now play blackjack and other games not just when they were home in front of their computers, but anywhere and anytime they wished, no matter where they were.

So that’s pretty exciting, and for those of you who currently play blackjack now, or have always wanted to try it out, there is an unprecedented opportunity to do so right on your cell phone. You don’t even have to start out playing for real money, as you can just try it out for free, although there is nothing like real money gambling. All you have to do to get your foot in the door of this new way to play blackjack is to click on one of the links we have for you to the very best in mobile blackjack out there.

Browser vs. App Blackjack On Phones

Of course, the ideal way to play mobile blackjack is through a dedicated app. This makes playing the game much easier as the screen size and other features are designed specifically for cell phones rather than home computer screens.

So given the popularity of mobile gaming these days, people have been asking for dedicated apps to play mobile blackjack, and the better online gaming sites have listened. While this does indeed make it easier to play blackjack on our phones, it’s still not a big deal to play with an internet browser.

So while more and more online blackjack sites are adding apps for more phones all the time, this is definitely not an issue that should prevent anyone from playing mobile blackjack as long as your phone can access an internet browser.

In all cases though, what you need to do is first visit one of our top recommended mobile blackjack sites, and register for an account. This is necessary even if you are only planning on trying out mobile blackjack for play money, and are planning on making a deposit later perhaps.

Real Money Blackjack On Phones

Blackjack isn’t the same just playing for fun though, and without the ability to make money from your winning hands, real money in fact, it’s not a particularly exciting game. Blackjack is a game where you keep score with money, and if that money isn’t real, well you can’t spend it and it’s pretty much meaningless, no matter how much you make.

Fortunately though, mobile blackjack is played for real money as well, and in fact the overwhelming majority of mobile blackjack is played for real money. So in order to get in on the fun here you will need to make a deposit at the mobile blackjack site that you are getting ready to play at.

Our selected mobile blackjack sites have made this all very easy for you. All you have to do is select a deposit method from among their extensive selection, choose how much you wish to deposit, and you’re in.

If for some reason you are not able to use one of their deposit methods immediately, you can register your bank account, buy and load a virtual Visa or MasterCard, set up an account at one of a number of choices among internet wallets, or use other means to get yourself set up to be able to deposit at your mobile blackjack site. The easiest way to deposit though is just to have them charge your cell phone bill, and that will definitely get you up and running right away.

When it comes to wanting to make a withdrawal, there are also many options that you can select among to cash in your winnings. Once again, all you have to do is choose your preferred option and the mobile blackjack site will make it all happen for you easily and conveniently.

Blackjack Bonuses For Mobile Players

When making your first deposit, it pays to make it as large as you can, since the mobile blackjack sites that we’ve chosen for you are going to be giving you an initial deposit bonus.

While you can continue to collect loyalty bonuses as you play at these top rated sites, there’s nothing more lucrative than a welcome bonus, where these mobile blackjack sites throw big money at you to attract your business and have you try them out. So the more you throw at them, the more they throw at you. So you do want to reach deep in your pockets here to ensure that you are collecting the most bonus money that you can.

Mobile Blackjack Strategy

Since you always act first in blackjack, and the dealer can win simply from you busting out, and therefore has a bit of an advantage on you, if you can limit the times that you will bust out while giving the dealer the opportunity to bust out when the dealer has less than good cards, you can take more control of the situation and put yourself in a better position to win money.

So you want to pay close attention to the dealer’s starting card, and if it’s a good card, you need to be more aggressive with your drawing. So for instance if the dealer has a face card, he is more likely to hit a good hand than if he has a lower card. A 6 for instance is the worst card that the dealer can have, as his chances of busting are the highest, so you never want to hit anything over 11 and bust yourself.

So pay attention to the dealer’s cards and their chances of both busting and hitting a good hand, and adjust your strategy accordingly, meaning whether you hit or stand on a particular hand. Weaker players just look at their own hands, while more skilled mobile blackjack players look at both what they have and what the dealer has, and if you do this, you will improve your skills and do better at the tables.

Choosing A Reliable Mobile Blackjack Site

It is of extreme importance not just to venture off on your own in choosing mobile blackjack sites. There are some sites out there which you definitely want to stay away from due to their relative lack of reliability.

There have been many cases of less reputable online gaming sites either taking a very long time to pay out players’ winnings, if at all. This isn’t to say that playing mobile blackjack isn’t safe though. On the contrary, it is very safe as long as you only play at top rated sites.

So this is why you want to stick close to our recommendations, and as experts in mobile gaming, we will ensure that you only are directed at completely safe sites to play blackjack on your cell phone. These top sites also score well in other categories, and have been selected according to their overall value to mobile blackjack players like ourselves.

Mobile BJ mFortune

Speaking of highly rated sites, our top recommendation for mobile blackjack is mFortune. Fortune Gaming has been a long time leader in online gaming, and now that they have come up with a platform for mobile blackjack, their choice is pretty much a no brainer.

Among other things, mFortune’s mobile blackjack and other mobile casino games are compatible with 99% of all cell phones. They make getting started so easy it’s ridiculous. You just put in your info along with your cell phone number and they send the mobile blackjack app right to your cell phone. Then, all you need to do is download the app on your phone and you are all set.

At mFortune, you can even have them add your deposit amount directly to your cell phone bill. In addition, mFortune is definitely one of the most trusted names in online gaming, so you can play mobile blackjack with the peace of mind of dealing with an industry leader and not some fly by night outfit.

Mobile Blackjack For USA Players

Players living in the USA have very limited options as far as trustworthy places to play blackjack on their cell phone. Most trusted online casinos stay well clear of the American market, as they don’t want to get involved in the added difficulties of doing business there.

However, there are some good options for USA mobile blackjack players, and we have the best of them for you. So if you live in the United States, there’s no real reason why you can’t play mobile blackjack safely and conveniently, along with the rest of us, as long as you stick to our recommendations.

Mobile Blackjack For UK Players

Mobile phone users from the U.K. and most other countries can play anywhere they want, and therefore can select from the best of the best as far as mobile blackjack sites go. So we’ve had a tougher job putting together the best recommendations for you, but based upon our extensive expertise in the mobile gaming market, we have hand picked the best for you.

Mobile Blackjack For iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, Symbian, Nokia, Samsung, Windows Mobile

No matter what popular phone you own, whether it be an iPhone or iPad, or a Windows Mobile phone, chances are extremely high that you can play mobile blackjack right on your phone.

Our mobile blackjack sites support all of the major brands of phone, and you don’t necessarily need a smart phone to be able to play. As long as your phone is smart enough to be able to browse the internet, you are all set.

So all you have to do now is visit one of our top picks that we’ve put together for you and then get ready to enjoy some great mobile blackjack!