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BestPokerRooms.com was created to beciome a leading poker portal on the Internet. Our goal is to provide our readers the highest quality content and most informative articles found anywhere online. Our highly detailed reviews, breaking news stories, and our in-depth poker site comparisons and top-lists, in a number of different categories, provide our readers with all of the resources they need to be well-informed poker players.

The highly qualified team at BestPokerRooms.com starts with the ownership and works its way down to all of our contributors. For a direct look at our content editors please look at our authors page. We take great pride in only employing content contributors that are passionate about poker and well regarded in the poker world. Led by an ownership team with numerous years of experience as poker webmasters running online poker websites, BestPokerRooms.com has all the necessary ingredients for success.

Here is a look at our team at BestPokerRooms.com:

Ian McDonnell – Ian is one of the 2 co-owners of BestPokerRooms.com and has been a playing poker for more than 15 years. A computer science major from University College Dublin, Ian has combined his web development skills and his poker know how, to develop a small network of online gaming websites including BestPokerRooms.com. Ian’s experience in poker is not simply limited to the business side of things; as an avid player himself, he infuses his passion for poker into all his sites, giving him the ability to bring a unique perspective to all his poker projects.

Paudie O’Reilly – Paudie is the other co-owner of BestPokerRooms.com, as well as a number of other online poker websites. He holds a Masters degree in strategic management, an achievement that has helped to hone his skills as the portal manager for all the teams’ projects. Paudie brings a vast array of skills to the table including his writing and strategic planning abilities, as well as his in depth industry knowledge. While most of Paudie’s work is done behind the scenes he is an integral part of the BestPokerRooms.com team on a day-to-day basis. Paudie also loves a game of poker and can be found online most days at stakes between 50NL and 200NL.

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