Maestro Poker Rooms

Maestro is a debit card brand owned by MasterCard. It can be used in many countries, and is most popular in the European Union. As such, it is a popular option for Europeans looking to make purchases at a variety of retailers and online, as it is accepted at well over 10 million different locations. Given how popular and widely-used the Maestro card has become, it’s not surprise that many online poker players would like to use their Maestro card to make deposits into their accounts.

Maestro Card Friendly Poker Sites for players in United States

NOTE to reader. This depsoit method is unavailable to US poker players. Please check credit card poker rooms for depositing to US poker sites.

What are the Best Maestro Card Online Poker Sites?

Many online poker rooms are happy to accept the Maestro card as one of their preferred deposit methods. Because Maestro is a widely recognized brand name, most online poker sites that accept Visa and MasterCard deposits will also allow Maestro deposits. Occasionally, you may run into a site that doesn’t cater to the European market, and doesn’t list Maestro among their deposit options; however, these sites are the exception rather than the rule, and it’s reasonable to expect that your Maestro card will usually be accepted at most sites.

However, do keep in mind that many Maestro cards are co-branded with other local financial systems, in which case there may be restrictions on the card’s usage. In addition, since individual banks make policy for how their Maestro cards may be used, some banks may prevent their debit cards from being utilized for online gambling purchases.

The Story of Maestro Card

MaestroThe Maestro debit card service was founded in 1990. The brand name is controlled by MasterCard, which authorizes associate banks to issue cards bearing the Maestro logo; much like the MasterCard itself, the company does not directly grant cards to consumers, allowing individual banks to do so instead.

The Maestro card is widely accepted in the European Union, and in many countries, has replaced existing national brands (or has taken over their branding). For instance, in the United Kingdom, the debit card system was once known by the name Switch; now, cards carry the Maestro branding, but still work in essentially the same way. Many countries have either entirely phased out their old systems in favor of Maestro (for instance, in Germany), or are in a transition period after which Maestro will replace previous local systems (as in Belgium). Other countries use the Debit MasterCard, which is a similar but distinct product that is also issued by MasterCard-affiliated banks.

In recent years, Maestro has become a more commonly recognized brand of debit card outside of Europe, as well. Maestro is now the most popular debit card in India, as nearly all major banks in the nation issue Maestro-branded debit cards to their customers. It has also gained significant market share in South America, and is easy to use in most areas of the United States as well.

As the Maestro brand is only used with debit cards, it cannot be used as a credit card. This differs from some other debit card systems, which allow their cards to be processed as credit cards at the point-of-sale, which can be useful in locations where merchants choose not to accept debit cards.