Online gambling is legal in some countries or jurisdictions but is unlawful in others. The responsibility of determining the legality falls upon that of the player. Age requirements also vary internationally and each individual is responsible for complying with appropriate laws in the jurisdiction in which they reside. BestPokerRooms.com does not accept or exchange funds and is not classified as a Web site that provides gambling. BestPokerRooms.com provides only information and is therefore exempt from legal action arising out of the unlawful use of the Web site’s information.

Accuracy and Reliability of Web Site Information

We at BestPokerRooms.com make every effort to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information on our pages. The gambling industry is noted for making rapid changes and whether or not the information found on BestPokerRooms.com is correct and applicable is the sole responsibility of the reader.

Contacting BestPokerRooms.com

Monetary funds will not be accepted BestPokerRooms.com. Our Web site’s purpose is to provide information that enables readers to make educated choices. Any questions or concerns related to playing poker at any poker room or gambling Web site, including inquiries pertaining to making deposits and withdrawals, are best made to customer support directly at the particular sites or poker rooms in question.

Funding Poker Rooms or Web Sites

The nature of gambling is such that involves the risk of losing money. BestPokerRooms.com is not liable for any player’s monetary losses that may result from gambling. The risk related to gambling endeavors is the sole responsibility of each individual player. Funding or depositing at gambling Web sites is legal in particular jurisdictions or countries, but may be illegal in others. Each player is responsible for ensuring that the transaction of funds and online gambling is permitted under the statutes in their region. Should gambling via the Internet become unlawful in a player’s locale and said player has an account balance at any poker room or gambling Web site, the player has the responsibility of obtaining his funds. BestPokerRooms.com is an informational Web site that takes no responsibility in the exchange or retrieval of funds. Each and every player must research gambling laws and take responsibility for determining the legality of online gambling in their particular jurisdiction.

Responsible Gambling

Online gambling is a wonderful source of entertainment that, done responsibly, can provide much enjoyment from the familiar and comfortable surroundings of one’s home. A huge majority of players do gamble responsibly. Unfortunately, a small number of players may attempt to gamble before reaching the legal age requirements or may permit gambling to become uncontrollable behavior in their lives. We at BestPokerRooms.com support responsible gambling and urge readers to be cognizant of danger signs that show gambling behavior to have crossed the line from enjoyment into addiction. There is a wide amount of help available if you feel your gambling is no longer enjoyable and may be problematic or compulsive. The local Gamblers Anonymous hotline is available 24/7 to assist those players who would like help or information regarding addictive behavior.