In the world of online poker, networks are the key organizational framework. A poker network is made up of several rooms that are linked together so that the players from each site can play against each other at the same tables. This allows rooms to band together and give their players more consistent action at the tables, more games to choose from, and a bigger player pool for tournaments and special events.

While networked rooms usually use the same software, the graphics may vary from room to room, as do the promotions. Sometimes, even customer service or special features can vary between rooms on the same network. With that in mind, we’ve created a group of articles detailing the best rooms on each network, so that you can join a new network with confidence. Check out the links below to find the best poker rooms on the network of your choosing.


Not every room chooses to ally itself with a network of poker sites. A few rooms are big enough to stand alone as independent poker rooms, relying on their brand names and reputation to draw in large numbers of poker players. In this article, we take a look at the very best of the independent poker rooms.




The iPoker Network is the largest network of poker sites in the world, featuring dozens of different rooms. Many of these rooms are tied to established gambling operations, giving them a level of experience that’s hard to match. There are plenty of great rooms to choose from on iPoker, but we’ve selected a few that we think stand out from the crowd.



Boss aka IPN Poker Network

With more than 20 rooms, the Boss Network is one of the largest online poker networks around. Among them are some of the most trusted names in online poker. We’ve chosen a couple of rooms from Boss that we found to be the very best on this reliable, trustworthy poker network.




The Ongame Network has been around since 1999, and now ranks second only to iPoker in terms of the number of players it draws to its rooms. With over 25 different rooms to choose from – many of which you’re probably familiar with – it can be hard to decide on just one to play at. Don’t worry, though; read our report to find out which Ongame poker rooms are the best on this excellent network.



Pacific Poker

Pacific Poker was once one of the most popular independent poker rooms, but has since created a poker network that utilizes their brand name. Today, the Pacific Poker Network is controlled by gambling giant, and features a number of great poker rooms to choose from. Read more to find out which one is the right room for you!




Microgaming may not be available in the United States, but it is still a large poker network that draws plenty of traffic from Europe and elsewhere around the world. Microgaming has been around for over 15 years, and offers an outstanding software package to their more than 40 member rooms. Read on to find out which Microgaming Poker Network rooms are worth your time and money.




The Merge Network wasn’t particularly notable until their recent acquisition of several large poker rooms that have greatly boosted their traffic numbers. Their combination of over 60 rooms, unique software features and the inclusion of casino games in many of their poker rooms makes the Merge Network a favorite among many players. Read more to see which Merge rooms are the best on the network.




The Everleaf Poker network may not be the most commonly known of all poker networks, but it sure has a lot of sites on it. Started out in 2004 and regulated by Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority, Everleaf used to be a great option for US players. Times and regulation changes see’s Everleaf as an untapped resource for fish. One warning we have: choose your Everleaf poker room carefully.



The Entraction Network used to be known as the B2B Network, and is geared mainly towards European players. Entraction features a huge number of rooms that feature a number of obscure poker games that aren’t spread on most networks. We’ve taken a look at what each room has to offer; read on to find out which rooms we think are the best on the Entraction Network.