Entraction Network Poker Sites

*** The Entraction Poker Network has ceased trading with many of the poker rooms on the network moving to the Microgaming and Ongame networks. We recommend you check out their respective pages for more info. This article is still here for archive purposes.

The Entraction Poker Network is geared mainly towards European players, though they often take players from other parts of the world as well. They feature one of the biggest variety of game types around, making them an awesome choice for anyone who likes playing some of the more obscure poker variants out there. With a large number of rooms on the Entraction Network, however, it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for you. Here are out picks for the best poker rooms on the Entraction Network!

Information On Entraction Poker aka B2B

The Entraction Poker Network is a collection of over 60 mostly smaller poker rooms which together comprise one of the largest poker networks on the internet. There is certainly power in numbers where poker networks are concerned, and while Entraction Poker isn’t the biggest, there are still more than enough players to make having an account there something that every player should consider.

This network has been around since the very early days of online poker, and therefore the people running it are very experienced and know what players like. It used to be known as the B2B Network and merely changed the name to reflect the company behind it, which is known as Entraction Holding AB.

This network caters to mostly European players, and in fact, is the only poker site which has its currency in Euros only. Players from outside Europe are more than welcome though, and they take players from every country other than the United States.

If you are more accustomed to playing with U.S. dollars, the fact that they use Euros here shouldn’t be a concern at all. Euros are worth a little more, so it’s just a matter of keeping that in mind as you select your stakes. If you are from Europe, then things just get easier as far as figuring out how much you are playing for goes.

The Entraction Network itself is run by a very well respected Swedish company, which is also listed on the Nordic Stock Exchange. It’s always a plus to have a publicly run company behind a poker operation, as unlike a lot of poker rooms whose ownership and dealings are completely hidden and behind the scenes, publicly run companies operate completely above board and have their entire operation regularly scrutinized. They also are held to a much higher standard than private companies as far as needing to maintain a fully ethical operation goes. So this is definitely a plus for Entraction.

Traffic On Entraction

The traffic on Entraction isn’t the highest out there by any means, and currently it’s the eighth most popular poker site on the internet, but that’s more than enough to make it well worth your while. There is a nice combination of loose fish and weak tight players to make this one of the most profitable places to play poker online.

One of the most valuable tips I can give you in terms of maximizing your profitability is to make sure that you have accounts at all of the fishier networks. If there are some games that are running at a particular network that are softer than the ones you are playing at now, you are missing out on money that you should be making. Since it’s free to have accounts on poker rooms on this network, and even better, they will pay you to try them out, it makes perfect sense to take advantage of this opportunity to get paid to try out one of the top poker rooms on Entraction.

In fact, the biggest mistake that most online poker players make is not putting enough effort into exploring all the opportunities out there in terms of the places you could be playing. You put so much effort into improving your game and becoming a better player because you want to do better at the tables, why not put a small fraction of this effort into just plain getting into more profitable games.

So the bottom line here in terms of the traffic on the Entraction Poker Network is that there are thousands of players or more playing there at any given time, and many of them are just waiting for you to take their money. You should definitely take them up on their offer, or at the very least, see just how fishy a poker site like this can be.

Entraction Poker Software

The software used on the Entraction Poker Network is common to all of the poker rooms that operate on it. Each particular poker room may choose their own color scheme, but that’s the only difference.

The company that runs Entraction is first and foremost a software maker, and they make most of their money by licensing their software to poker rooms, so you can bet that it is top notch, or these people would not be paying for it. The beauty of the software at Entraction lies in its simplicity, and it’s a very clean program that is designed with playability and ease of use in mind.

There are definitely more flashy poker software programs out there, but they tend to eat up a lot of computer resources. So the thinking at Entraction has always been to make their software as friendly to their players as possible, and less resources equals better and faster performance. This is especially important if you like to multi-table, and players on the Entraction Network can play up to 18 tables at the same time with ease.

The Entraction Poker software accommodates both PC and Mac computers. I’ve hesitated buying a Mac due to the fact that a lot of poker sites don’t support it, so if you have one, it’s nice to see that such a quality poker network will let you play there.

For those who like to play at work or other places where you can’t download gaming software programs, Entraction offers a no download version that is considered to be the best in the business and as good as the downloaded version, which really speaks volumes about their software expertise.

Game Variety On The Entraction Network

The game variety at Entraction is second to none. In addition to offering everything that every other poker room offers, they also lay out several other variations, some that you don’t see at very many other poker rooms, and some that you won’t see anywhere else.

The varieties of poker that they offer at Entraction include various forms of Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, a version of Omaha with 5 hole cards, 5 Card Draw, 7 Card Stud, Americana, Soko, Triple Draw Lowball 2-7, and Telesina.

So you may not have even heard of some of these variations, but it’s great to know that if you like some of the old school games like draw poker or stud, or if you want to give some of these other variations a try, they give you all the opportunity that you could wish for.

Biggest Entraction Poker Skins

There are a lot of poker rooms on the Entraction Network, and to be honest, many of them are too small to be worth bothering with. The reason is that with the very small poker rooms, you aren’t sure if they are going to last, and while the Entraction Network ensures that everyone always gets all of their money out of poker sites that go belly up, this can be a pain for players.

Larger and more popular sites also tend to be more generous with their bonuses and rewards, so while any poker site on the Entraction Network will give you access to their large player base, it does matter where you play.

This is why we have put together for you the list of the very best poker rooms on the Entraction Network, not only based upon size, but based upon the quality of the poker rooms in general as well. So you can rest assured that by selecting one of our top picks, you will definitely be on your way to the best that the Entraction Poker Network has to offer.

Rake Structure On Entraction

Rake structures in online poker tend to be pretty similar, although there are certainly some poker sites who rake pots excessively. The Entraction Poker network isn’t one of them and their player friendly rake structure is maintained by all the poker rooms on their network.

0.01 Euro is raked per every 0.20 Euro in the pot, and the rake is capped at 0.75 Euro for 2 players seated, 2.00 Euro for 3 players, and 3.00 Euro for 4-10 players. These caps are excellent, especially the one for heads up, where at a lot of other poker sites, the rake in cash heads up matches can be so high as to choke players. Having the maximum set at only 3 Euro will really benefit the mid to high stakes players, and even have the rake be a fairly inconsequential amount in the bigger pots.

Online Sports Betting And Casino On Entraction

The fact that the Entraction Poker Network offers sports betting, casino betting, and bingo in addition to poker is a double benefit to us. First of all, many players who play these other games and forms of betting migrate over to the poker room, and most of these players don’t really know a lot about poker.

So as you can imagine, having these noobs at your poker table can be a very nice experience indeed, particularly since these players tend to really like to gamble it up and chase all sorts of draws that are unprofitable, and make all sorts of other bad plays. When you put this together with the weak tight style that a lot of the regulars tend to play there, where we can easily push these players around if we know anything at all about what we are doing, this all adds up to some real nice poker indeed.

The other benefit of having these other forms of gambling available at poker rooms on the Entraction Network is that we can also move over to those other forms should we wish to. If you are like me and enjoy betting on sporting events, it’s fabulous to be able to play poker and bet on sports from the same account. You can even have part of your poker bankroll, the part held in reserve, in play with your sports bets, which will maximize both your fun and profits.

This added fun also extends to being able to play their casino games and bingo, and if you’re a fan of this stuff, you can move on over and take advantage of their great selection of other forms of gambling any time you wish. Entraction goes all out to make your experience with them as enjoyable for you as they can make it.

So with all the great things that the Entraction Poker Network has going for it, it makes perfect sense for you to have an account there, or at least try them out if you don’t. There are some nice bonuses that await you to really make it worth your while to try them out, and we’ve provided to you the very best of the best in terms of what they have to offer.

So all you need to do at this point is to click on one of our great offers and you can get started seeing for yourself why this network is so popular.