Everleaf Poker Network

The Everleaf Poker Network has been offering online poker to players from around the world since 2004. They are licensed and regulated by the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority, a well respected regulator which maintains stringent controls on the poker rooms they oversee, including requirements that all player funds must be segregated in separate bank accounts to keep poker sites from mixing our money in with theirs. This ensures that the money that we have on deposit with them is always available to us.

Recently, Everleaf Gaming has exited the U.S. online poker market, meaning that they no longer allow players residing in the United States to play at their poker sites. While this is unfortunate for U.S. players, as this network has always been one of the easiest places to make money, it’s actually been a boost for players from other countries who either play on the Everleaf Poker Network or are willing to give this poker network a try, as things have gotten even easier there now.

Since so many Americans think that you can’t play online poker anymore if you live in the U.S., what has happened is that the overwhelming majority of the more casual players, or the fish, have long since gotten out of online poker. So this means that among the American players still left playing, which is a very small percentage of the massive amount you saw a few years back, this has left a much more sophisticated brand of player.

In fact, most Americans believe that online poker is illegal, so only the more sophisticated players from there are still around. So when you take a poker network as loose and easy as Everleaf was, and you get rid of a lot of the players that did actually have a good idea what they were doing, you really end up with a bonanza as far as the opportunity to make even more money for those of us who can still play there. So their loss is definitely our gain.

Poker Networks Like Everleaf Have A Lot Going For Them

The real beauty of poker networks is that they allow a lot of smaller poker rooms, who wouldn’t have any chance at all to survive on their own, to band together and pool their players, and together not only survive, but flourish. Networking also provides players with the stability and reliability that they want and need, something that the member poker rooms generally cannot provide on their own.

So for instance many players may be reluctant to deposit their money at a relatively unknown or even completely unknown poker site, as they may worry about the trustworthiness of that particular site. However, when a much larger company that is much more established and trusted is there to back them up with much bigger resources, then we go from what may be an iffy situation to one that we can rely on with confidence.

Even more importantly, these smaller poker rooms bring players to the world of online poker who may not have otherwise become involved in it. They tend to be niche players who appeal to a small segment of the overall market, and the players that they do end up recruiting tend to be much less sophisticated than your average online poker player.

The More Obscure The Poker Rooms, The Better

So the more obscure and unknown the poker rooms on a network are, the more this tends to be the case. Experienced poker players tend to stay away from poker sites like this, which is actually exactly what we want. The more weak and inexperienced players a poker site has and the less of the experienced and skilled type they have, the better.

So when you consider that all of the poker rooms on the Everleaf Poker Network are of the obscure variation, then you can see why this network presents such exciting opportunities.

The members of the Everleaf Network are the 777 Poker Club, 777 Fortune Poker, 4 Life Poker, 7 Pk Poker, Ano Poker, Amsterdam Poker, Adria Poker, Apuesta Cartas, Bananas Poker, Barnyard Poker, Bet 3G.com, Bet 821 Poker, Black Stack Poker, Blind Hit, Bluff Bet, Blue Dog Poker, Blue Ball Poker, Cellsino, Club Pro Poker, Cobrabet.com, Collegiate Series Of Poker, CPS Poker, Cruising Poker, Cupido Poker, Colossal Poker.com, Dutchy Poker, EPP Casino, Erevan Poker, Everleaf Poker, Fear No Ace, Flamingo Bet, French Touch Poker, Galeon Poker, Gloss Poker, Go Hard Poker, Gold Championship Poker, Golden Poker Club, Its Real Poker, Jimmy Poker, Hush Poker, Jolly Roger Poker, Kition Poker, Land Shark Poker, Luvin Poker, McBluff Poker, Meteor Poker, Minted Poker, Mouse Poker, Nino Poker, Palm Bet, Patriots of Poker, Penthouse Poker, Pixi Poker, Platin Poker, Players Cardroom, Poker Alliance, Poker Awards, Poker 4 Ever, Poker Trillion, Pokerari, Poker Feller, Poker Igroc, Poker 11211, Poker Games 2000, Poker Joint, Poker Night Shift, Poker Poker Yes, Poker Thug, Poker Royale, Poker UTD, Pumpkin Poker, Poker Face 52, Prodigy Poker, Quin Poker, Raid Bet, Raise and Fold, Red Hand Poker, Red Jack Poker, Super Stack Poker, Raider Poker, Raising Cards.com, Red Cherry Poker, Red Cube Poker, Rock’em Poker, R Poker Site, Rufi Poker, Rulez Poker, SPQR Poker, Swank Poker, Stallion Poker, Star Bet Gaming, XPT Poker, Taxi Poker, Tee Poker, The Nutz.com, Third Rock Poker, Timeless Poker, Toucan Poker, Top Flight Poker, Ultra Pkr, U Win Poker, Ven Poker Room, Virtue Poker, Visual Poker, Vivaro Poker, VP Room, West Beach Poker, WSF Poker.com, XPT Poker, and Yoy Poker.

So this is an awesome collection of poker rooms that virtually no one has ever heard of, except for the fish that they promote themselves to. All you have to do is look over this list and ask yourself who really plays at these poker rooms, you will then get a taste of just how fishy a type of player we are talking about here.

Lighter Traffic Or A Little Higher Rake Are Definitely Not Bad Things

Nothing scares off experienced and skilled poker players like lighter traffic. Most poker players misunderstand how much traffic you really need to make it worth having an account at a poker site or network. The truth is, you don’t really need that much. As long as there are profitable tables running at your stake, even just a single one, then you want to have access to these profitable tables.

So when I tell you that the amount of player traffic at the Everleaf Poker Network is nowhere near what you see at the bigger poker sites and networks, you might think that this is a bad thing. However, you would be dead wrong.

Once again, anything that keeps the better players away is always a good thing, and a very good thing in fact. So having lower traffic levels is definitely one of those things. So all we really need to look for is what we could call a sufficient amount of traffic to make it worth our while to have an account at Everleaf.

So regardless of whether you are a newer player starting out at the small stakes, or a more experienced one who likes to play higher, the Everleaf Poker Network has enough traffic for you. For the small stakes players, there are enough tables running that you can make this your sole poker site. For players who play above the small stakes, there is less action, but if you are in this boat you will want and need to maintain poker accounts at several poker sites anyway, at least if you are wise.

A lot of players are not wise though and they are mired in the mindset that they need to look to get all of their action at a single poker site or two, and end up overlooking much better poker sites and poker networks such as Everleaf, where they can find easier games and make even more money. So I am telling you this so that you don’t make the same mistake.

As far as the rake goes, it is a little higher overall than you see on average these days, but that’s yet another reason to keep the better players away. The fish at Everleaf generally don’t know the difference anyway, so once again the makeup of this network is designed to attract the fish, and the higher a percentage of fish that a poker site or network has, the better we will do and the more money we will make. This is absolutely true regardless of your skill level, and is the main reason why I am so excited about your trying out the Everleaf Poker Network.

Everleaf‘s Innovative Poker Software

Everleaf Gaming is known for its high quality software, and not only do they deliver a top notch experience to their players, they also incorporate some innovative features. For instance, many players at other poker sites have become somewhat disenchanted with what they feel is a less than random shuffle.

Now while it is true that the overwhelming majority of this results from players not really understanding probability enough, and therefore not even knowing what the proper distributions of a random deal would be, there’s no question that a superior shuffle program is simply better.

So Everleaf has come up with it’s “Quantum Photon Shuffler,” which not only takes the question of randomness completely out of the equation, it is also the most hack proof software program out there.

So on a poker network that’s loaded with so many fish, and therefore with a high potential of bad beats due to the sheer amount of bad play from opponents, it is especially comforting to know that you have what many consider to be the best shuffler out there on your side, where you can be completely confident that these weaker players aren’t receiving any kind of unfair advantage, like some players have speculated might take place at some other poker sites.

Other Notable Features Of The Everleaf Network

In spite of the difficulties that U.S. players have had depositing and withdrawing from Everleaf poker rooms, players from other countries have never really had any trouble at all moving money in and out of whatever poker sites they want, and this is also the case now for all players playing on the Everleaf Poker Network.

One of the great features of the Everleaf Network is that, unlike most other poker networks, your deposits and withdrawals are processed by the Everleaf Network itself and not by the member poker room you are depositing to or cashing out at. So this adds additional peace of mind and also ensures that your transactions will be processed properly and efficiently every time.

While the amount of bonus and reward money does differ by each individual site, as it does generally with poker networks, there are some real nice offers available here, and we’ve lined up the best of them for you. Choosing between poker sites on a network often comes down to who is going to pay you the most to try them out or to continue to play there, as most other things are identical with the other poker rooms. So you can be assured that you’re getting the best of it by going with our top recommendations.

The game selection at the Everleaf Network isn’t as broad as you see at some of the larger poker sites and networks, and this is due to the lesser amount of traffic that you see here versus some other places. More players mean a wider variety of games being played, as a general rule. However, the Everleaf Poker Network has all of the popular formats, and as long as you don’t like to play things off the beaten path, this won’t be an issue for you here.

In the end though, this poker network is all about the crazy bad players that play on it, and going up against them will be your ultimate reward here. So all you have to do now to check them out is click on one of our links to their top poker rooms, and see all of this for yourself.