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iPoker And Playtech Network Info

The iPoker Network is the world’s largest online poker network, consisting of a collection of over 30 online poker rooms who have teamed up to share players and traffic. As a result of this collaboration, all of the partnered poker rooms on the network offer us not only their own players, but all of the players at all of the other poker rooms on the network as well.

This has allowed the iPoker network to be one of the very busiest places to play poker in the world. At iPoker though, it’s not just about the amount of traffic, it’s also about how fishy the players are that play there. Ideally, what we want is both a high quantity of traffic, meaning lots of players, and a high quality as well, meaning a lot of bad players who we can do well against.

The iPoker Network really is the best of both worlds, delivering both of these critical elements in abundance. Some poker sites have a lot of traffic, but the players there are tougher and therefore having more of them certainly isn’t an advantage. If a poker site doesn’t have enough players to make playing there worthwhile, then it doesn’t matter how good or bad they are.

So the iPoker Network has it all here, and this is one of the main reasons why they have grown so much over the years to now become one of the truly elite places to play online poker. This network has a lot going for it, and is one of those poker sites which everyone really should have an account at, or at the very least, try out.

Top Sites On The Ipoker Network

Rank Site Download Mac Linux Bonus Visit Site
1 Poker770 $2000 www.poker770.comRead Review

Software At iPoker

The software at iPoker is provided by Playtech, a leader in online gaming software. Playtech’s online poker software solution that it provides to the iPoker network is one of the best overall in the business.

Designed with players in mind, the software at iPoker is very user friendly and has an array of customizable options as well. The shuffle is truly random, and takes the uncertainly that some players have about some poker sites’ shuffle right out the equation. You can play on any room on the iPoker Network with the utmost confidence that you are getting a fair deal every time.

The software at the iPoker Network also boasts cutting edge security features, and in particular, uses all of the latest technologies to spot and root out any sort of cheating that might be going on. So they get to these people before they get to you.

Overall, the software at iPoker is more than adequate and extremely stable and is one which allows the game of online poker to be played by all to its fullest level of enjoyment.

Games Available At iPoker

The poker rooms at iPoker offer a full selection of online poker games, including cash tables, sit and go tournaments, and regularly scheduled poker tournaments. The games include an assortment of Hold’em, Omaha, and Stud, and they not only offer these other forms of poker, their selection of games beyond Hold’em is among the best anywhere.

At the cash tables, you’ll find action from the lowest to the highest limits, and if you’re a higher limit player, you are really going to love what they have in store for you here, both in terms of the number of higher stakes tables and the relative ease of making money at them compared to other poker sites.

At the popular sit and go’s, iPoker offers a lot of action at these as well, and also feature some very nice high stakes heads up ones for those of you like myself who are partial to heads up tournaments. If you are just starting out, the low limit sit and go’s are ridiculously easy to beat.

Speaking of easy to beat, the scheduled tournaments at iPoker are far and away the easiest to make money at on the internet. While the traffic on iPoker in general is pretty fishy, the tournaments in particular are all the more so. iPoker attracts the worst tournament players on the internet, and if you like regular tournaments, let me tell you, this is definitely the spot to be playing them at.

iPoker also features beginners’ tables and tournaments, which are limited to those who have signed up during the last 90 days. You don’t have to be a beginner to play in them, but this section is full of new players who are considerably easier to beat than your run of the mill player here. So if you are a beginner or even if you aren’t, these will provide you with a great way to get into the swing of things at iPoker and make some extra loot at the same time.

No matter what game type you prefer, and whatever stake you like to play, you’ll find all kinds of action at iPoker, and the sheer amount of players who play on this network, combined with iPoker’s dedication to ensuring that all of their players are made as happy as they can make them, ensures that there is lots going on for everyone at any time of the day or night.

Rake At iPoker

The rake at iPoker, like most poker rooms, is a pretty standard 5% capped, meaning that they take 5% of every pot where a flop is dealt, capped at a certain amount. At the micro stakes, this runs a bit higher, although since poker rooms make very little from these stakes, that’s not unusual and not anything to worry about.

It used to be that poker rooms differed somewhat in terms of the rake they charged, but over the past few years everyone has gone to the 5% model, and poker rooms now differentiate themselves by how much of the rake they give back to players in reward money.

The rooms at iPoker happen to have among the best rewards out there, and although this does differ by poker room, in general players at iPoker can expect to be rewarded pretty generously for their play.

When you look at rake and even rewards, the important thing to remember is that all of this is relative to how well you do at a poker site in general. It is all about your earn rate per hour, or your loss rate per hour, where you are looking to play at a site which gives you the most profit, or if you are still learning the game, the lowest loss rate.

So while both the rake and the reward program at iPoker is just fine, that’s really not what matters, it’s how well you do there at the tables. Given the fishiness of the tables of the iPoker network, the overall score here when you take everything into account is very high, and perhaps even the highest in the world.

What this means is that if you are a profitable player now, you’ll make more money playing at iPoker than at tougher sites, and we’re talking your table results net of the rake and plus your rewards. If you aren’t a profitable player yet, you’ll lose less for now, and be able to turn your game around to become profitable more quickly. So no matter what your situation, this is a great place to be playing.

How Soft Is iPoker?

To understand why iPoker is softer than most other poker sites, you need to understand how poker sites attract their players. What generally happens is that they promote to poker players through a system of marketing, advertising, and referrals. As a poker site’s reputation grows, they tend to attract more and more poker players.

So generally speaking, the larger a poker room is, the better the competition there tends to be. So we have places like Poker Stars for example which is absolutely huge and they attract the very best poker players on the internet. The same was true with Full Tilt Poker back when they were operating.

Smaller poker rooms end up attracting more casual players, especially those which are offshoots of sites which specialize in other forms of gambling. These smaller rooms tend to spend a whole lot less on marketing and for this and several other reasons, tend to attract a much higher percentage of fish than a lot of the bigger poker rooms.

iPoker, since it is a collection of a lot of smaller rooms, has the fishy player base that we want while at the same time delivering the high level of traffic we need. To add to this, the composition of the network is definitely designed towards weak players, as many of the rooms on it are these offshoots of other types of gambling sites.

So what happens here is that a lot of players come over from sports book or casino sites, looking for some additional action, and these players tend to be relatively unschooled at the game of poker. The iPoker Network also has several well off the beaten track poker rooms who also attract a high percentage of soft players.

In order to preserve their network’s legendary fishy status, iPoker has recently taken the unprecedented step of booting several poker rooms right off of their network who weren’t bringing enough soft players to its network. This involved some short term pain for them as they get paid a licensing fee by their member poker rooms, but this move made sense from the perspective of the long term health and desirability of the network.

So while poker sites generally don’t even care at all about the softness of their sites, we as enlightened poker players sure do, and it sure is both refreshing and exciting to see a poker network care about this as much as we do. This move in itself speaks very loudly for not only the current fishiness of the iPoker network, but the future softness as well.

Biggest Skins At iPoker

The trick when playing at a poker network is to look to go with one of the larger operations on it, where the people running it really know what they are doing. While there is a lot of commonality across all of the various poker rooms on a network, there are some significant differences as well, in terms of things like rewards, special promotions, customer service, reputation, and so on.

So we’ve provided to you the largest and very best poker rooms that the iPoker Network has to offer. There really aren’t any bad choices here, but some are better choices than others, and you can’t go wrong with any of our top recommendations.

Traffic Numbers At iPoker

The iPoker network is currently ranked third in the world in terms of their overall cash game traffic by Poker Scout. They have gone back and forth between the second and third spot lately after the big surge in traffic that they went through in 2011, which catapulted them to the top three and secured their long term spot as among the busiest places to play poker online.

iPoker Casino And Sportsbook

Historically, a lot of the rooms on the iPoker Network have been offering other forms of online gambling such as casino and sports betting. Now, even a lot of the originally poker only rooms are getting into these other forms of betting as well.

The great thing about this is that if you like to bet on sports or gamble at casino games, you can do all of this plus play poker all at the same site. The trend in the online gaming industry is to offer all in one solutions, providing access to all of the major forms of online gambling from a single account, and iPoker is definitely up on this trend.

So now it’s just a matter of picking which of our top recommendations on this great poker network that you want to try out first, so all you have to do is click on one and you are on your way.