America’s Cardroom OSS Cub3d Series Plagued by New Round of DDoS Attacks

Updated: August 8th, 2018 by Haley Hintze

A recurring nightmare of sorts has returned over at the Winning Poker Network and its flagship site, America’s Cardroom (ACR), where the early events of the just-underway OSS Cub3d series have been plagued by another wave of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

The attacks have already forced the cancellation of several early events in the first leg of the OSS Cubed series, the “MOSS” (Mini Online Super Series), which attempted to get underway on August 5. Several recent OSS Cub3d series at ACR have been disrupted by the DDoS attacks, which are the largest recurring series the site and its parent network offer.

As reported by ACR on its Twitter feed, here’s how this latest wave of DDoS attacks unfolded:

America’s Cardroom and the Winning Poker Network have remained adamant in not paying the demanded blackmail from the attacker or attackers, though neither entity has issued an official statement on these attacks beyond the brief social-media posts. Last year, amid one of the waves, a DDoS attacker posted in a table-chat window on ACR as he began the attacks, and also alleged that he was launching the attacks on behalf of an unnamed rival site in order to damage ACR’s and WPN’s business.

Those allegations remain unconfirmed, and other than for launching in-house, technical mitigation efforts – such as quickly identfying and blocking the domain addresses associated with devices included in the attacks — there’s little else ACR can do. As a grey-market site largely serving the majority of US states where online poker isn’t strictly illegal to play but also hasn’t been formally authorized and regulated, ACR and WPN have no national or international authority to whom they can plead to for assistance, despite the blatantly illegal nature of the DDoS attacks. Grey-market (“offshore”) online gambling sites have been a preferred target of online extortionists for the better part of two decades for precisely that reason. 

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