America’s Cardroom Unveils “Big Bang” Software Update

Updated: June 3rd, 2017 by Dev Ops

US-facing online poker site America’s Cardroom (ACR), flagship site of the Winning Poker Network, has recently installed a significant software upgrade, one so massive that they tagged it with its own nickname — “The Big Bang.”  Included are five different and significant components: Avatars, Double or Nothing Game, Tournament Ticket Manager, Player Observer Tool, and new “Flying Chip” promotions.

We’ll dive into each of the components here for a bit more on what’s newly available for ACR players.


Some sites are big on player avatars, others not so much.  ACR is adding an entertainment factor to its site by rolling out five such avatars for player use.  Players can choose from Alien, Executioner, Robot, Zombie and Basketball Head, and — in something of a nod to the Full Tilt Poker avatars from days gone by, can choose multiple expressions for any of them while at the table.

Double or Nothing Games:

ACR’s Double or Nothing games aren’t like the DoN games offered on other sites.  Instead, ACR’s DoN has to do with side betting action, such as guessing whether a card will be red or black.  In another variant, winners at cash games and tourneys can also invoke a DoN option to double up or lose their winnings from a just completed game.  Pressing your luck?  Of course it is, one way or the other!

Player Observer:

At ACR you can now invite your online friends to sweat you at your table by sending them a link to the table as you play.  The link does not require download of the ACR client onto your friends’ computer.

Tournament Ticket Manager:

ACR rolled out a tournament-ticket system a short while back.  In the “Big Bang” software update, the site has now integrated an interactive tool for viewing and managing those hard-won tickets.  Want to know for which events theycan be used and when they’ll expire if you leave them unused?  It’s easier than ever with this new tool at ACR.

Flying Chips:




Then there’s the Flying Chips.  Like magic, maybe, or at least a video game.  If you see something chip-shaped that pops on your cash-table screen, click on it fast!  It could be worth up to $10,000.

“Of all of the improvements,” according to the ACR blog, “perhaps none is more exciting than the new Flying Chip Promotions. That’s because if you’re a cash game player, you can score up to $10,000 with the single click of a button and it costs nothing to take a shot.”

Added ACR, “When we run a Flying Chip Promotion, we’ll randomly select a cash game table for which we’ll unleash a moving ‘Flying Chip’ graphic. The first player that clicks on it who is seated at the table will win a cash prize. Cash prizes vary from $10 up to $10,000!”

There’s even a special Flying Chip promotion where the winner instantly wins a $12,500 package, set to be awarded sometime in June.


There’s always something new at ACR, with a whole raft of special promotions running throughout the month of June.  There’s literally too many to mention, but there’s a special treat available for literally every player — high stakes or low, tourney or cash-game.

Speaking of tourneys, there’s one heads-up for our readers.  ACR has recently revampd its tourney schedule to accomodate the summer months, when many online player’s playing habits changed.  Concerned that your favorute event might have shifted to a new time slot?  Here’s the fix — a direct link to ACR’s updated daily tourney slate.

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