BetOnline’s Chico Poker Network Sees $994,000 BBJ Hit

Updated: January 9th, 2018 by Dev Ops

The home network of BetOnline, the Chico Poker Network, recently saw its highest-ever bad beat jackpot hit by players at its specially-designated BBJ tables. On the afternoon of Sunday, January 7th, the jackpot-cracking hand was hit at a 6-max $1/$2 No Limit Hold’em BBJ table, with the biggest winner turning out to be a player screen-named “Tyrant”.

Tyrant’s unlucky river, when his made-on-the-turn quad jacks were topped by “pokerplayer4ever”’s queen-high diamond straight flush, turned into a life-changing payday for both. Tyrant collected $273,382.82 for his second-place hand, while pokerplayer4ever had to settle for $149,018.49, in addition to the $360 or so in the pot that was shoved his way for the winning hand.

Two other players at the six-max table also played the hand, and scored nice paydays as well. “matter1734” and “shara02” each collected $74,509.25 just for being first-hand witnesses to the jackpot hand. And they were perhaps even luckier than normal, since they got to split the “rest of table” share two ways instead of four or more. The other two seats at this six-max table were also occupied, but “(seven)” and “Bimaxa” were sitting out when the jackpot hand was dealt. Those two players thus missed out on at least $37,000 each, assuming both of them could have been active in the hand.

Another 83 players spread across the Chico Poker Network’s BBJ tables, accessible to BetOnline site players, collected nearly 600 dollars each. All told, more than $620,000 was paid out to active BBJ players across the network, while another $273,000 or so went to reseed the jackpot for the next cycle. (The remaining ten percent goes to the network and sites as administrative fees and house profit on the ongoing promotion).

Per the Chico Network’s promotional pages, here’s how their bad-beat jackpot winnings are distributed:

  • 27.50% of pot to player with the bad beat
  • 15% of pot to the winner of the hand
  • 15% of pot split among other players at the table
  • 5% of pot split among players at other bad beat tables
  • 27.50% of pot seeded into the next BBJ

Tyrant’s $270,000-plus payday is the largest of the four Chico Network scores to be paid out over the past year. According to the network, these are the recent “Hall of Fame” members (BBJ winners):

Hall Of Fame

Tyrant $273,382.82 7 January 2018
5 Fives $151,711.48 21 July 2017
Catfancy $229,350.34 25 May 2017
ONEnDone $137,177.64 9 Feb 2017

As mentioned, the Chico Poker Network’s BBJ was reseeded with an amount matching the jackpot winner’s share (or $100,000, whichever is greated). So it’s off and running again with $273,000 and change.

One of the reasons the four winning jackpots have been so large is that the Chico Poker Network’s BBJ requires a relatively high “losing” hand. Per CPN’s promotional page on the BBJ, “Play in any of our designated Bad Beat Jackpot tables and if your four Jacks or better isn’t good enough to win the hand, you and everyone else playing at a Bad Beat table will get a piece of the six-figure jackpot.”

This means that Tyrant’s losing quad-jacks hand was actually the lowest losing hand that could qualify. As with other BBJ jackpots, both of both player’s hole cards must also play in the hand, making the cracking of the jackpot that more difficult. The end result: Very few jackpot paydays, but a big, big score when it finally does occur.

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