Top Online poker losers in 2010

Updated: December 2nd, 2010 by Dev Ops

Variance in poker is inevitable, but when you are playing for millions of dollars the losses can add up rather quickly, which is precisely where the following group of 10 players finds themselves as 2010 comes to a close. Here is a look at the 10 biggest losers in 2010 at the online poker tables according to

  • Brian Townsend — $-2,534,059

Townsend actually clocks in twice on this list as he was removed as a ‘Red Pro’ on Full Tilt Poker when he left Cardrunners (Red Pros play get to play under their own names). So Townsend, who is now using the handle sbrugby, is actually down over $4 million for the year!

  • Ilari ‘Ziigmund’ Sahamies — $-1,917,901

Ziigmund started the year off as one of the biggest winner, but since the summer Ziigmund has been unable to get anything going. His struggles have gotten to the point that Sahamies has announced he is taking a break from poker on his blog.

  • Gus Hansen — $-1,739,824

It’s hard to say anyone would be happy facing a $1.7 million deficit, but Hansen has battled his way back from over $3 million down to avoid his second straight disastrous year at the online poker tables.

  • Brian ‘Sbrugby’ Townsend — $-1,586,536

As I mentioned above, Townsend’s screen-name changed back to sbrugby when Full Tilt ended his Red Pro status, which is given to all Cardrunners instructors. Unfortunately the name change hasn’t helped Townsend break his year-long downswing.

  • Matatuk — $-1,539,661

Very little is known about the player using the screen-name Matatuk other than he has lost $1.5 million in just 56 sessions. With the big losses and odd screen-name this is possibly another Guy Laliberte alias.

  • Esvedra — $-1,459,596

Esvedra is another anonymous high-stakes poker player who has had very little luck in the nosebleed games.

  • Cole South — $-1,458,234

South joins his good friend Townsend as former Cardrunners instructors who have had terrible 2010 campaigns. The author of the $1,850 Book, Let There be Range, may need to sell a few more copies if his downswing continues!

  • Justin ‘ZeeJustin’ Bonomo — $-1,442,585

Although doesn’t track the games on PokerStars we do know that Bonomo has done quite well on Stars, which helps offset his massive losses at the Full Tilt poker tables.

  • Niki Jedlicka — $-1,312,549

Jedlicka is another poker pro who has basically moved on to PokerStars after having a terrible time at the Full Tilt Poker tables. After bursting onto the online poker scene with massive wins Jedlicka has been absolutely decimated on Full Tilt Poker since.

  • Rafi ‘Howisitfeellike’ Amit — $-1,300,937

Amit’s good run at the high-stakes poker tables finally came to an end in 2010. One of the biggest winners from late 2008 to the beginning of 2010 Amit’s $1.3 million downturn still leaves him on the plus side by about $3.6 million.

Results courtesy of, which tracks the high-stakes action on Full Tilt Poker and other online poker rooms.

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