No Limit Holdem Strategy

In this free no limit hold’em strategy guide we will provide top quality poker tips, tricks, advice and analysis. Our resident poker professionals are willing to offer up their trade secrets for exclusively in order to help you become a better player. Below we have grouped our up to date poker strategy articles onto relevant sections for your browsing leisure. If you are new to poker then I suggest that you start at our tips for beginners page which will help you get your feet wet.

3 Betting in No Limit Hold’em

3 betting is a massive part of no limit holdem when it comes to increasing you win rate. This section deals with the different nuances of 3betting in poker and advises on the best practices when utilizing this tool. Our expert players have detailed their 3betting strategies and show how they can exploit their opponents therefore increasing profit.

Hand Reading

Hand reading is the process of narrowing down your opponents holding to a subset of hands – sometimes it is possible to declare their exact hand. Any professional poker player will tell you how important hand reading is and how it often is the difference between an average player and a great player. An accomplished hand reader will have a significant edge versus their opponent. Consider how much easier poker would be if you know what your opponent is holding.

  • Find out what we mean by a hand range and how we construct it at the table.
  • Reading board textures helps a player figure out what range of hands their opponents can have.
  • Understanding capped ranges helps us to exploit out opponest by knowing they can’t have a strong hand in their range.
  • Put fear into your opponents by overbetting like high stakes poker professional Victor ‘Isildur1’ Blom.
  • The concept of levelling is the process of thinking one level ahead of your opponent.
  • Our guide to value betting thinly encourages players to extract the maximum value from your opponent by reading the strength of their perceived range.
  • Post flop, raising continuation bets aggressively is an excellent way to make money from your opponent in position.
  • The term red line winnings in poker refers to non showdown winnings. Find out why this is so important to a poker player’s winrate.

Poker Study

In poker, just as important as the time we spend at the table, is the the time we spend away from the table working on our game. Studying poker refers to analysis of sessions played, updating player notes, reviewing hand histories and finding leaks in our game. Without this training, we can let our game go stale and get into bad habits. Ideally we recommend taking a bit of time at the end of each session to review hands played. It is important not to be tilted or frustrated when doing rational and unbiased analysis.

  • After a poker session, reviewing hand histories is a great way to analyse your play and help to ultimately improve your own game.
  • Get into the habit of making reads and taking notes on players and see how easy they are to exploit based on past tendencies.
  • The art of calculating equity helps us to figure out how well our hand does versus our opponents range.

Strategy for Beginners

New players to poker should read up on our beginner poker strategy articles. There are a number of things in poker that you should be aware of before signing up and depositing to an online poker room. We will go into detail on poker bonuses, how to clear them and what to watch out for. We will also look at setting up using and poker tracking software, which is essential to any serious or aspiring poker player.