Rules of Poker

This section of introduces our readers to the rules of poker. In poker there a number of variations and game formats which all revert back to similar rules, betting structures and game play. In each of the articles below explaining the rules you will find common poker terms such as; under the gun, raise, fold, button and many more. Don’t worry if this all sounds daunting, as you will pick it up in a matter of minutes. Here we will look at the rules of all popular poker variations as listed below. Click into the relevant poker variation to learn the rules of that game.

Rules of Popular Poker Games

In poker the hand rankings rarely changes across all variants. There are some instances where changes to the universal hand rankings occur when players try to spice up the game or play their own own rules but the hand rankings for the most part never will change. In low ball games there are obviously different hand rankings for the lower half of the pot. This however is not considered when we are looking at poker hand rankings. Below is a chart detailing the different hand rankings from best to worst.