Essential Poker Software

For any aspiring poker player looking to make a decent monetary return for their efforts, it is essential that they invest in various poker software tools. There are various types of poker software tools which help with a number of aspects of playing online poker such as hand history analysis tools, results grabbing tools, mass multi tabling tools, table modification software and arguably most important – real time data collection on Heads up displays (HUDs). Below we have provided a number of detailed articles which will help players understand how these tools work and answer common questions posed by users of these programs.

Holdem Manager


  • By using Sharkscope, you will be able to track your own and all your opponents’ results in MTT’s and Sit & Gos on all major online poker sites.

Poker Stars Mods

Poker Hand Histories

  • Embark upon the process of datamining for poker and be one step ahead of your opponent by having pre loaded statistics on how they play.
  • Find out the advantages of buying hand histories from massive online databases instead of datamining.