Poker Stars Table Mods

What are Mods?

Mods, short for modifications, are changes made to the graphics files of your poker client to make it more pleasing to the eye and generally increase contrast so as to make it easier to play multiple tables without getting fatigued.

Where to get Pokerstars Mods

Many people make their own mods, simply by opening up the relevant graphics files in the Pokerstars folder of their computer and editing the images in a software package such as Photoshop. This folder can usually be found at C:Program FilesPokerStarsGx. However, this is something of a trial and error approach and it can take a lot of work finding combinations of tables, card backs, chips etc that work well together. Furthermore, as soon as Pokerstars updates its software, your modifications will be reversed and your image files may not be compatible with the update.

For these reasons it is often better to go with a site which will supply the files for you, and give you updated files if needed in the future. The biggest seller of Pokerstars mods is TiltBuster have a wide range of excellently designed themes for Pokerstars that are specially designed by multi-tabling players to be very comfortable to play on. Their themes generally for simplicity, removing a lot of clutter from the game window, and making it easier to focus on your cards and your heads up display (HUD), should you have one.

Installing Mods

Installing mods from TiltBuster is very straightforward and removes most of the steps involved in manual table modification. Once you have your ‘shopping cart’ full on the site, simply click the order now button and after payment you will be prompted to download a small executable file. When you double click on the file, it will automatically carry out the installation process, replacing all of the necessary image files and you will be able to begin playing on your new modified tables straight away.

How Much does it Cost?

Mods are purchased individually and are relatively expensive. A typical table theme costs about $7 with an additional $10 for a card mod and $10 for the chip mod.

Free Mods

There are a few ways to mod your PokerStars tables at no costs. Plenty of poker players with a bit of artistic flair like to make their own mods and are usually more than happy to share them for free. The best place to track down free mods for PokerStars is in the dedicated mod development thread that the twoplustwo poker forums here: