Setting Up Table Ninja on Poker Stars

Setting up Table Ninja on Pokerstars takes a few steps. Once you have downloaded and installed the Table Ninja software, you need to make sure you are using the Classic, Hyper-Simple, or No Images themes on Pokerstars n order for Table Ninja to function correctly. Table Ninja now also works with some of the custom themes made by TiltBuster.

There are some other things you need to take care of in the Pokerstars client also. Make sure ‘Single Click Table Activation’ and ‘Popup Table Whenever User Action is Required’ are enabled and ‘Highlight Bet Amount’ is disabled. These can be found under Options -> Advanced Multitable Options in the client.

If you are using Table Ninja for tournaments, you’ll also need to ensure that ‘New Tournaments Take Focus’ is unchecked in the Advanced Multitable Options, and that automatic tournament annoucemcents are disabled.

When you first load up Table Ninja after installation, you need to configure a number of options. Firstly, you will need to tell it how you have your tables arranged (stacked, cascaded, overlapped). Then you will need to configure how Table Ninja determines the active table, either Table in Foreground or Table Under Mouse.

The software is now ready for you to set up to best suit your playing needs and has a number of tabs where you can set a myriad of preferences:

Table Ninja Preferences

Action Hot Keys: Allows you to assign keyboard keys to different actions such as calling and folding, and to set up the mouse scroll wheel betting increments.

Table Control: Here you can change how Table Ninja determines the active table, as well as the coloring of the frame around the active table and the hotkeys to cycle through your tables.

Pot Betting: Allows you to select default betting amounts as a function of pot size for every street.

Fixed Bets: Assign hotkeys which enable you to bet a fixed amount of big blinds using your keyboard.

Annoyances: Handles advanced multi-tabling options like sitting in and out of games and takes care of clicking the ‘time bank’ option.

Opening/Closing: Looks after opening up a poker session by handling waiting lists and buy-in amounts as well as automatically dealing with all popups.

On Screen Display: Will allow you to display your stack size in big blinds on the table. This is mostly relevant to tournament players.

Sit n Go Sensei: Takes care of joining sit ‘n’ go tournaments and waiting lists, and handles changing your betting amounts for different levels of sit n’ gos.

Setup: Allows you to change some of the options which you inputted when setting up Table Ninja for the first time.

General: Contains a number of checkboxes for various user prefences such as minimizing to the system tray etc.