What is Sharkscope?

Sharkscope is the largest online database for sit n’ go and scheduled tournament results. Players can type in their screen name or that of their opponents and Sharkscope will display records of all of the games they’ve played to date, and their profitability. It covers all of the major online poker rooms, but recently players were required to opt-in if they wanted their Pokerstars data to be available for viewing.

Sharkscope Statistics

When a player’s screen name is entered, Sharkscope returns the following data about them:

  • Number of games played
  • Average profit
  • Average stake
  • Average Return on Investment
  • Total Profit
  • Form: Sharkscope calculates this based on the player’s current winning or losing streak
  • Ability: Using all of the statistical measures available, Sharkscope rates the player’s overall ability on a scale from 0 to 100.

As well as typing in your opponents’ screen names, Sharkscope features a heads up display (HUD) which will allow you to overlay their stats right on the table as you’re playing, which saves you an awful lot of time individually typing-in each player’s name. The HUD can be configured to show all of the same data as is available in the browser window.

Some players have stars beside their names, representing the fact that they have made the Sharkscope leader board for a particular game type of stake range. To see what exactly the star represents, just hover the mouse over it.


Free users of Sharkscope are limited to just 5 searches a day. However, full access can be purchased, with a number of packages available in the form of both flat rate purchases and monthly subscriptions. A batch of 200 searches costs $9.99.

If you opt for the monthly subscription option, prices vary depending on how long you sign up for and how many searches per day you would like. For example, a 1 month subscription costs $15.99 for 150 searches per day, up to $44.99 for 1000 searches per day. The corresponding prices on a 12 month subscription are $11.99 and $35.99 respectively.